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Important Notice

WELCOME to the Red Deer Cruise Night page.

Join us 6-9 pm every Thursday from May to Oct at Parkland Mall NE lot Red Deer, AB. Everyone Welcome, Entry $2/Ride 


Photographers on Site

Yes, Red Deer Cruise Night has professional photographers on site to capture your ride and the event every Thursday. These companies volunteer their time and skills to show detail of your pride and passion. The photographers wear our gear so you know they are with Red Deer Cruise Night and may be seen helping with set up or take down, documenting, or advising of upcoming car shows. So if your approached by someone who isn't wearing our gear and wanting you to move to get shots....Please know we don't allow this and our photographers know this. If you see your photo just contact the photographer as they are free. 

  • Photographers are welcome to take pictures but must respect owners and tag Red Deer Cruise Night when posting to insure the owners get to see their photos. This includes following Red Deer Cruise Night Rules.  No photographers can ask vehicles to move, stop for photos, or do a  private sessions on site. This is to insure the safety of everyone who attends the show.
  • No Flash Photography Allowed 
  • No model photography (this isn't a studio)
  • No advertising your business without Red Deer Cruise Night permission
  • Owners Privacy is our most importance.
  • This is a LIVE event not your studio. Safety and emergency procedures are fully important. 
  • If you cause damage to a vehicle you are fully responsible for the cost of the repairs. Note a scratch could go into the 10k range.
  • Photographers must respect spectators who have come to see the rides and have no authority to ask any to move, or get out of the way of taking a photo. Only Red Deer Cruise Night volunteers, staff, RCMP, and emergency medical services have authority.
  • If complaints are received by spectators or owners a photographer can be asked to leave the site immediately
  • No drones allowed unless proof of insurance and permission of Red Deer Cruise Night


Photographer Company on site:


Christina Smith with Dreamy Skies Photography




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